Last update: 02/21/18

I am a physician passionate about quality medical care and passionately opposed to fraud which threatens the quality of care. Thus, it is no surprise that, before I was a whistleblower against MedPartners secret $1.5 million-dollar payment, I had some previous experience with healthcare fraud. In the course of my career I independently discerned and resisted two otherwise unrelated architects of Enron-class, healthcare fraud, Rebecca Parrett (1987) and Richard Scrushy (1998) - in both cases years before their respective multibillion-dollar frauds became known. Rebecca ("Becky") was the first, future Enron-level fraudster I discerned and resisted.

Billion-Dollar Fraudster and EMAI Business Manager Rebecca Parrett

Rebecca Parrett was, for nearly two decades, vice president and business manager of Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc. ("EMAI"). EMAI was my first emergency medicine employer. Parrett was generally responsible for the patient charges and the billing practices of the group. This is a frightening prospect for a physician. In 1987, with the blessing of hospital administration, my partners and I ousted Parrett's EMAI from St. Ann's Hospital for what we would have described as "parasitic" business practices. Parrett went on to become one of the architects of the billion-dollar National Century Financial Enterprises fraud.

Rebecca Parrett was one of the ringleaders convicted in the $3B NCFE Fraud

Rebecca Parrett was one of the architects of the $3 Billion National Century Financial Enterprises fraud head quartered in Dublin, Ohio. On March 13, 2008, Parrett was convicted in federal court and sentenced to twenty-five years in federal prison. Parrett soon fled the country. For a time, she was even featured on America's Most Wanted. She was eventually arrested in Mexico and is now in prison.

Hospital CEO Donald Ayers

Donald H. Ayers "was a successful hospital administrator" at Columbus hospitals, United States v. Ayers, 759 F.Supp.2d 945 (2010). Before they formed National Century Financial Enterprises, emergency department business manager Parrett was romantically involved with hospital CEO Ayers. Ayers and Parrett married and together they orchestrated the three-billion-dollar NCFE fraud. This former hospital CEO is now serving ten years in federal prison.