Last update: 10/06/18

I am a physician passionate about quality medical care. Thus, it is no surprise that after being groomed to be an executive at a prestigious hospital, I was fired as a whistleblower - fired for advocating equal care for women and for fighting against healthcare fraud. My quality assurance letter explicitly stated that "no EKG was done because she was in the hallway." The reason "she" did not receive an EKG in the hallway was precisely because "she" was female.

Along the way I independently discerned and resisted not just one, but two otherwise unrelated architects of Enron-class, healthcare fraud - in both cases years before their respective multibillion-dollar frauds became known. Rebecca Parrett was the business manager in my first EM group. I discerned and resisted her fraudulent business practices and along with my partners, ousted her group from our hospital. She went on to orchestrate bigger frauds and is now serving twenty-five years in federal prison for her $3 billion NCFE fraud.

While advocating equal care for women and I also discerned and resisted Richard Scrushy when he secretly paid the hospital negotiator $1.5 million to acquire a hospital emergency department contract. In 1998, I assembled for my hospital's medical staff, what came to be known as the ”Scrushy Warning Memo ” Citing a WSJ article and identifying Richard Scrushy seven times by name, I argued that my hospital should not partner with Scrushy's company, MedPartners. This was five years before Scrushy's eighty-five-count federal indictment, before his SEC sanction, and eleven years before he was found to be civilly liable for his $2.9 billion fraud. Scrushy went to federal prison as well. Both Rebecca Parrett and Richard Scrushy were eventually incarcerated in federal prison for other fraud.

A report of my struggle against healthcare fraud was published on its website and in the Congressional Record by the House Ways & Means Committee. That 2004 report was explicit about the gender discrimination, ". . . hallway medicine systematically discriminated against women. Men got EKGs done in the hallway, women did not." (Emphasis added.) My continued advocacy and fraud-fighting efforts led me to law school where I successfully clerked for the Department of Justice.

Continuing my advocacy and fraud-fighting efforts as a law student, I alleged that MedPartners' and the hospital's attorneys lied to Ohio courts. They retaliated with a major SLAPP suit. They even dragged me before the Ohio Supreme Court by means of false, attorney-rendered psychiatric diagnoses. The billion-dollar corporations and their attorneys found a kindred spirit in Judge Horton. Ethics experts swore to Judge Horton that the two lawyers were lying in court. Violating Rule 2:15(B), Judge Horton ignored the experts’ warnings and acted in concert with the two lawyers. Judge Horton viciously SLAPPed me with a huge sanction for my continued advocacy and fraud fighting. Since 2010, I have alleged that Judge Horton acted unconscionably and unethically. Ethics experts asserted that Judge Horton “relied upon” attorney falsifications. Judge Horton’s sanction in the SLAPP suit can be seen as a manifestation of his misogyny, first seen as early as 2009. Judge Horton also exhibited bias and favoritism in his adjudication and he exhibited disregard for the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Now there are many individuals alleging judicial misconduct by Judge Horton.  On or about October 27, 2016, Judge Horton's Bailiff, Elise Wyant, filed a seventeen-page formal complaint against Judge Horton.  Judge Patrick Sheeran conducted a hearing and elicited testimony corroborative of Bailiff Wyant.  Judge Horton's law clerk, "Brittany Miller" testified as to all manner of outrageous misogynist conduct by Judge Horton.  The Ohio Auditor’s 538-page report describes much of the same sort of judicial misconduct seen in Judge Horton’s adjudication of my SLAPP suit.  My allegations have been vindicated by Ohio's leading legal ethics experts. One nationally known ethics expert said I got a “horrendously raw deal” (unethical adjudication) from Judge Horton. On June 10, 2015, Franklin County, Ohio paid tens of thousands of dollars to former bailiff Elise Wyant for Judge Horton's misogynist judicial misconduct in the form of sexual harassment. It is ironic and of course unfair that Judge Horton, the misogynist judge, was permitted to viciously sanction me in the SLAPP suit for what clearly began and continued as advocacy of gender equality.

On March 24, 2017, Judge Horton went to jail for criminal violations of campaign law. He seems to be the only Ohio judge ever to go to jail and then return to the bench. On March 18, 2017, the Columbus Dispatch again called for Judge Horton to resign. If not, the Dispatch Editors opined, "then the Ohio Supreme Court’s disciplinary counsel should remove him."

On January 30, 2018, Ohio’s Board of Professional Conduct certified Disciplinary Counsel’s formal complaint against Judge Horton. A hearing was held in the summer of 2018. Disciplinary Counsel asserts that Judge Horton should be removed from the bench and indefinitely suspended from the practice of law.

People often ask me why I went to law school. That question inevitably leads to a discussion of the events described on this website. I'm often told I should write a book. I have no plans to do so but healthcare is important to us all. This website is probably as close as I will get. This information will be supplemented as time permits and circumstances warrant. Thank you for your interest.