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My name is Geoff Mitchell. I am a physician who has spent his career fighting for better healthcare. This website tells that story. Health care in America is outrageously expensive and horribly broken. Anyone who spends much time on this website will have a better idea why this is so.

I paid a high price professionally for advocating gender equality and fighting healthcare fraud. Along the way I discerned and resisted not one but two otherwise unrelated architects of Enron-level fraud. Both of them were sentenced to federal prison for other frauds. I met many other bad guys along the way.

For my persistent efforts and advocacy, I was viciously sanctioned (SLAPPed) by Ohio's most unethical judge. Ignoring the ethics rules and warnings by ethicists, Judge Horton is said to have relied upon attorney falsifications in the SLAPP suit. Horton went to jail for other misconduct. Ohio's Disciplinary Counsel seeks Judge Horton's removal from the bench and his indefinite suspension from the practice of law. A ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court is expected soon.

My story is but a microcosm of the abuse, misconduct, and outright fraud which occurs in health care every day. This websites contains insights and suggestions as to how the integrity of America's healthcare can be restored.

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Thank you for your interest in making healthcare better.

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